MadPea Meets the Musicians

mtm - juel

The opening of SL13B is just under an hour away and with 17 sims there’s plenty to see and do. Of course we know all our Peas can’t wait to get a go on Mad Monster Mountain but if you want to take a break from the ghouls and monsters then head over to the auditorium at 3pm where MadPea Marketing and PR Director Kess Crystal will be holding the first in MadPea Meets the Musicians series with an hour of chat and tunes from Suzan Juel Resistance.

Suzen JueL, a.k.a. JueL Resistance, is a self taught musician who has been performing since she was 13 years old.  She has perfected the weaving of her mind’s eye and heart’s passion into lyrical paintings richly embedded with emotional hues from her personal experiences.  Her lyrics feed the listener’s soul and stirs the heart and sentiment of any who have been privileged to hear her perform them. She been a resident of SL since 2004 and been performing live since 2006 so there’s sure to plenty to discuss.

The Interview will take place in the Auditorium  on the Astound sim – See you there!

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