Inside the Madness of SL13B!

There are few things as cathartic as a good scream. Thankfully, MadPeas new ride for SL13B will give you that and more! I’ve had the pleasure of watching it take shape behind the scenes and can give you all the gory details on what is definitely the best ride you’ll go on this month…heck, this year!

Our amazing Queen Pea wanted to give her legion of loyal legumes a fun filled blast from the past with many of their favourite games getting featured in the ride. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a Pea for a year or five, there will be some old friends there to greet you and to try to eat you too! My personal favourites were the Unia chickens who are herded together in sinister clusters just waiting for your arrival! But you’ll also see Peatonville Asylum, Within, Buried, Sanity Falls, Firefly, Room 326 and The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior as well as some new creations just for SL13B!


I caught up with some of the team to speak to them about Mad Monster Mountain and find out the inside scoop! Axl was one of the designers for the ride, his favourite part was the Inca section although the monsters were very chatty when they were put out and were whispering at the team constantly while they were preparing it. It sounds to me like they are eager to come out to play, or maybe they know that The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior will be making a return to MadPea in August! The most challenging part for Axl was creating a quality track with a very low amount of land impact and making sure it was low lag for the Peas. The team has done an amazing job at both, as you’ll get the pleasure of seeing when you dare to come ride on Sunday!


Fae spent hours putting together the tunnels that make up the backbone of the ride which was a challenge itself working in such confined spaces. You’ll either want to thank her or curse her by the end of the ride, but you can’t deny she’s an amazingly talented creator. Both Fae and Aaronax, another brilliant designer, decided their favourite part was seeing the whole thing come together at the end. I have to agree, having seen it at the beginning it was like the watching one of those makeover shows where they start out with nothing and build something phenomenal…and very creepy!

The Mountain is visually stunning inside and out, but lets not forget the scripters who are the secret wizards behind the wonder! Gaius helps make the magic happen as the head scripter of MadPea and the hardest part for him was to make sure everything they scripted worked together to give a seamless experience within the time frame they had. But his favourite bit about the Mountain? After forcing him to pick just one, the part with the creepy song where everything goes BOOM! Believe me, you’ll know it when you get to it and love it too!


Harter is a great designer who loves to join the MadPea team in projects and the Second Life Birthday Events are always a highlight that he looks forward to every year. He really loved being able to be part of the Mad Mountain and working with the Peas to make something so eerily awesome. You can come check out his work on the Mountain, the giant looming face you enter at the beginning of the ride! Its not only designed by him, but the texture is a combination of half of his face and Krios’ our videographer!


The Progression of the Mad Mans design!


Our MadPea crew are a multi-talented bunch! For instance, Panda, our Sales Guru, is also the beautiful voice of the ‘Mad World’ song you’ll hear on the ride and in the preview video! It turns out that singing was a big part of Pandas previous real life jobs, so it was a natural thing for her to take it on for MadPea. I wanted to know if she had a favourite song she’d done for MadPea and in her usual chirpy way Panda explained that she can honestly say since singing is such a huge part of her life, that even if it seems silly to record “It’s a Small World” or ‘mad world’ as done for our SL13B ride, it is all going to be fun and a favourite because of reactions she gets from her friends and family.

So, for Panda’s kids and for your viewing pleasure…here is a peek of what’s in store for you in Mad Monster Mountain!


If you’re brave enough to face the terrors that lurk inside the mountain, SL13B opens on Sunday the 19th of June at noon SLT and runs until Sunday the 26th of June.

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