Group Chat Misconduct

ACK! What on earth is going on? What is that? We’ve all had those moments when a group chat pops open flooding our screens with useless spam that isn’t the least bit relative to the purpose of that group. From people begging for lindens to those that are phishing for our account information. It can be a bit frightening, and most of all frustrating. Let’s not pull our lovely mesh hair from our scalps. Let’s fight them together. Rise up as an army of residents with common sense, file those reports with Linden Lab, let them know: NO MORE SPAM.

All those caps! Why are they shouting at me? We’ve all had those moments when a group chat pops open with a burst of CAPITAL writing. More ACK!

What? Huh? Who? Why am I reading this? It’s that moment when things get personal in public. Why on earth do people think it’s okay to get all personal and start gossiping in a group chat? Triple ACK!

Oh no….I can’t believe they said that! We’ve all seen someone cross that clear cut line of political correctness or just plain out being mean, rude, and downright nasty. While most of us are just hanging our heads, it’s likely that someone’s feelings got seriously hurt. Ugh.
mean people suck.jpg

Moral of the story is…BE NICE, DANGIT!
be nice.jpg


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