SL13B Goes Mad

Beginning at noon SLT, on Sunday, June 19th, Second Life will begin a week-long celebration of its 13th anniversary with activities and entertainment. The theme this year is The Shared Adventure.  This is the perfect theme in my opinion, because that is precisely what Second Life has become for me and countless other residents, isn’t it?  So how does Second Life celebrate such an incredible anniversary? By inviting creators and builders to do what they do best, of course. Spanning multiple regions there will be live entertainments, DJs, workshops, classes, and….ADVENTURES!

Who better to contribute a truly wonderful shared adventure than MadPea Productions? There’s no way MadPea could possibly turn away such a spectacular opportunity to share one of their adventures during this incredible celebration. In fact, according to Kess Crystal, the Marketing Director of MadPea Productions, “MadPea is excited and delighted to be involved in this year’s community celebrations. As the leading provider of immersive experiences in Second Life we are committed to SL as a platform and we believe that our involvement with SL13B provides us with a way to demonstrate that commitment while bringing an exciting and fun installation for SL13B visitors to take part in.”

I was fortunate enough to witness the gathering of some MadPea geniuses as they collaborated on their contribution to SL13B and my head is still spinning. I was astounded at not only their attention to the smallest of details, each adding their own special ingredient as they develop another incredible recipe guaranteed to deliver that one of a kind interactive entertainment that MadPea is known for.  Now I can’t give away too much of what I saw and heard, but I will tell you that they are incorporating some elements from past MadPea adventures to create a truly spooky adventure! I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful contributions from across the grid, but most of all I can’t wait to see this project in its completion when MadPea presents their exhibit.

I managed to sneak a photo of their work in progress, but don’t even try to bribe any more information from me or there shall be a bounty on my head for sure….afterall…this is the MadPea crew we’re talking about. Then again, aren’t we all mad here?

SL13B WIP Teaser


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