Getting cosy with Kess.



This feels like an inception moment, giving an interview inside a room lavishly decked out in the same decadent décor as that in The Interview, the new game from MadPea. Or perhaps it’s more like Highlander, as one Kes comes face to face with a very famous Kess, yep, the one and only Kess Crystal.

I admit to being a bit nervous, is she hiding one of MadPeas crafty devices behind her back in preparation of dismembering me?! Would she eat my liver with a nice Chianti!? But it’s impossible to be worried for long around Kess, she gives off a vivacious energy that is totally infectious and her laugh could do wonders for world peace.

And so, now sitting comfortably with a good cuppa tea, I begin to get to know one of the most famous Pea’s around.

I start with a question that’s surely been on everyone’s mind at one point or another during a game. If you were in a zombie apocalypse, what three MadPea items would you want with you?

‘Oh that’s easy! The MadPea murder kit, a zombie chicken on a chain a bit like Michonne from The Walking Dead, but with chickens to ward off other zombies. Mhhmm..oh! MadPea pork scratchings for food! So I’ve got food, protection and a way to look after myself.’

Well, I know who I’m going to be sticking with when the world ends! But I know you’re a DJ, so what song would you pick to sum up MadPea and what song would you pick to sum up yourself?

‘The MadPea one is easy to sum up because we have a tradition, every MadPea party I’ve ever DJ’ed we always play the same song for Kiana which is ‘Scooter – how much for the fish’ It has no relevance at all to MadPea, but it’s a tradition that it -has- to be played. Now for me, that’s harder. Mmm. I’d probably go with something by Pink, maybe one of her older ones? ‘Trouble’ or ‘Don’t let me get me’ you can choose!’

I was pretty sure ‘Trouble’ might be this firecrackers middle name! I wanted to know more about the rest of the MadPea crew, so I decided to ask a trickier question. If it was your own Freaky Friday and you had to trade places with one of the MadPea staff for a day, who would it be and why?

‘I would swap with EM! First of all I’d go out and get him a human avatar, make him look drop dead gorgeous and he’d hate me for it! But one of the things I admire most about EM having worked with him for a couple of years is he’s a very quick learner.

EM pretty much self taught himself 3D modelling and texturing, he’s coming along so well and is producing some -brilliant- work! My job in MadPea is something I knew from real life experience, it’s what I knew how to do anyway. EM’s learnt new skills and developed them and it’s really evident in the work he does now and how great he’s doing. He’s willing to move outside of his comfort zone and try new things and at first he might be a little reluctant but when he gets going he does amazing things!

So I’d love his tenacity to learn new things, I think I’d give up if it was too far outside of my comfort zone…you cant possibly put any of that in it because then he’d know I admired him!’

Oops, looks like the cat’s out of the bag on that one! Now there have been some really awesome characters in the MadPea games, are there any in particular that have stuck with you?

‘It’s not a character as such, but Lily from Buried. She was the the wife that went missing and was buried and it really stuck with me. The reason it did was because of the Buried trailer. I think it was literally because that character had a voice, Lily was played by Kiana and Draxtor Despres did the trailer for us so of course I knew it was Kiana. But the part when she buries the item and leaves the message was really touching and it stayed with me.

In terms of the other favourite characters, in The Interview y’know when you’re in the manor and there are the portraits for the founders of the Goliath society? They are all my best friends who dressed up for those characters and it was SO much fun making those characters and getting decked out for it, so that stuck with me as well.

There are also a few of us that are the actual voices of the creepy dolls. I did Gorgey Porgie!’

I don’t think I can ever look at the doll room the same way again after that fact! The Arcade gacha set for MadPea has been announced and looks amazing! If you could fill the pool with anything, what would you fill it with?

‘The England under 21 squad. No! Wait…do you know what? I wouldn’t fill it with anything if we were having a pool party with all the cool stuff from the set, I’d cover the pool with a wooden plank, hire Oasis and have them stand on my makeshift stage singing ‘Champagne supernova’ to me…aannddd then you lift the wood up and the England under 21 squad is underneath!’

One final question…the Unia chickens. Anyone that’s played the game might be as scarred as I am from those chickens! If it was just you and one of those petrifying poultry on a desert island, what would you do?

‘I‘d right click, edit and delete the script! Nah, I’d find a chain and tie them to a tree while I wait for the zombie apocalypse.

I actually died to those chickens before the game started!

When I first joined MadPea, this is a good five months before the game was launched, I was taken on a tour of Unia and I was wearing the hud and I didnt know about the chickens and suddenly I was dead! I remember saying something like I have 8 level 90’s in Warcraft and I’ve been here 5 minutes and died to a bloody zombie chicken!!!’

There we have it, the key to surviving a zombie apocalypse and what to expect at Kess’s next pool party! I left the room with a better sense of who the wonderful Kess Crystal is and still I couldn’t help wondering…how much IS the fish?




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