Son-of-a-gun Gonna’ have big fun on the Bayou (Recent exPEAdition to New Toulouse!)


Humidity clung to the magnolia trees and the heavily weighted bending branches of the willow and cypress trees cried beneath the heft of the Spanish Moss as nearly thirty Peas descended upon New Toulouse Bayou and the Aeon Theatre in the heart of Cajun Country in Louisiana. May 21st had arrived and an all new community-wide ExPEAdition was underway. Our fearless leader drawing us into this murder mystery hunt was Kiana herself.

(Because we all know how she adores a good murder…I mean mystery..)

As we swarmed the theatre we were met by the Good Mayor, Mr. Henri Godenot, who proceeded to offer us all a warm welcome! Okay, so he might have appeared a bit shady..but that was neither here nor there. After the welcome we find out that there were some really…interesting…circumstances to the latest political election.

To be fair though, aren’t there -always- interesting circumstances to political elections?

People don’t inhale, no new taxes, cigars and the list goes on and on! But I digress…

After learning of the recent election we were sent on a wonderfully crafted hunt around this sleepy little Creole wonder of a town to gather up twenty clues that would hopefully allow us to solve the mystery that seemed to be dripping off the tongues of all the townsfolk. Along the way we met a crazy cast of characters and got a brilliantly told story that wove in and out of the good people of New Toulouse that had our minds trying to piece together all the clues.

Of course, while we were barraged in this town doing all types of Super Sleuth dealings, there was plenty of time for sightseeing in this amazingly landscaped location! It was the late afternoon hours before I even ran back into our fearless leader for a momentary coffee break to refresh our minds amidst all the clues that were beginning to come together!


I don’t want to give too much away because this is definitely something that needs to be experienced but in the end not only are you rewarded with a horde of amazing prizes, but you also find out the truth behind New Toulouse’s latest conundrum. I’ll be the first to state that it is nowhere -near- what you think!

The creators and writers of this latest murder-mystery, Death Picks a Killer are an amazing group of people that have done five-or-so of these brilliant games before-hand! Not only have they worked on solo projects such as this, but also collaborations as well. If you’re looking for a great way to spend an afternoon and a challenge for yourself and your friends by all means head over. The ExPEAdition might be over, but the toil and trauma in New Toulouse remains!


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