Meet The Interview Prize Creators – Fancy Decor


fancy dec mp_001

Fancy Décor is the result of the hard work and dedication of creator and designer Jake Vordun. Fancy Décor specialises in original mesh furniture and décor with designs ranging from modern emoji wall art to elegant, historical art pieces. It’s evident from a walk around the mainstore that Jake has a keen interest in fine art and historical music with items such as a gorgeously detailed Harpischord and exquisite Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch (which can also be seen in The Interview at the waiting room area).

Jake manages to mix perfectly the decadent art inspired pieces with modern style minimalistic furniture and art items like the Emoji Art mentioned above (available at Kustom 9) or the Shoreditch Desk set that he recently produced for 6 Republic and is now available in the mainstore.

Like MadPea, Fancy Décor is also a regular at The Arcade and a few days ago he allowed me a sneak preview of his breathtakingly beautiful set for the June round inspired by The Phantom of the Opera.  You can see the set at the mainstore now and play the gacha when The Arcade opens on the 1st June.

fancy dec mp_002

Jake and Fancy Décor aren’t new to MadPea as he participated as a vendor in The Collection game in 2015 and we were delighted to have him on board again for The Interview. As with all the vendors he’s supplied 2 fantastic prizes for the Gold and Silver Pass players.



If you haven’t visited Fancy Décor yet go ahead and treat yourself to a browse around one of the most unique and interesting décor stores in Second Life.  To get your hands on the prizes head on over to the Interview start zone and join the game play.


Teleport to MadPea’s The Interview Start and play for the prizes

For more information how to play The Interview click here

Teleport to Fancy Décor Mainstore

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