Controlled Chaos: A Glimpse Into the Upcoming Arcade


MadPea does it again! This time I had a front-row seat to the creative process that goes into getting a MadPea set out for an event.

For the record? I’m still alive to tell the tale. Barely.

In June an all new round of the ever-popular Arcade is hitting Second Life loud and proud and ready for summer! With this new round MadPea is coming out with an amazing new set that everyone will want to own! It’s colorful, creative, and like most things MadPea…a bit crazy! That’s not the focus of this post though.

Oh no.

Instead this is just a step into the inner circle of the crazy cast of characters that range from the Queen Pea herself, to builders, scripters, graphic artists, writers, and a whole plethora of people that bring the awesomeness that is MadPea to the Second Life community! After sitting in on one of their MANY meetings, (this one specifically directed towards The Arcade set), I saw just how diverse the world of the MadPea Crew truly is! Any time that you can sit down and have a successful meeting with everything from humans, to cyborgs, and pandas, and kittens, and mice (oh my!) then you know it’s a great meeting of the maniacal minds!

Between working on animations, discussing, textures, finalizing the fine details on each item I managed to blurt out a few awkwardly timed questions (because I am –that- smooth after all) to which each answer had me a bit surprised with the efficiency that is shown in this amazing team! While dodging a wildly flinging piñata stick, I managed to ask how long they’d been working on this set…in truth, I figured the answer would be months due to the extensive nature of the set, and instead I got the reply of “Oh….what…a couple of weeks now?” I can barely fold my laundry in two weeks, much less put out an amazing MadPea set for a huge upcoming event. I also managed to ask where the inspiration for this set came from. Secretly I was hoping for some horribly twisted dream or experience that translated into this surprisingly cheerful festive creation, but alas…after a few elusive answers and some shifty glances I was no closer to the answer than what I had begun with. That’s okay though. It’s MadPea, I’ll just let my imagination form my own inspirational story!

By the way, if you haven’t noticed? There’s been an incredible air of elusiveness about what the set actually is, hasn’t there? Guess you’ll just have to keep an eye open!

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