MONDAY MADNESS Poster - May 16

Monday Madness just got bigger and better!

From today every Monday we will be putting a BRAND NEW, never sold before item into the mainstore and for the first 24 hours selling it at the crazy price of 90% off!

The first item up for grabs is the Gridlock puzzle from The Interview.

You can own your very own piece of MadPea history and have fun torturing yourself and your friends over and over!

This puzzle is simple to use. By clicking on the arrow points on either end of the bars on the grid, you can slide that bar over one space for each click. The goal of this puzzle is to ‘free’ the bright/glowing gold bar.
There is also a reset button included on the puzzle itself, that you can click when the puzzle has been solved, wiping the slate clean for someone else to try and play.

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