Meet The Interview Prize Creators – NOMAD



Piraiyah Novikov describes NOMAD as a Games and Novelties store and it truly is a wonderland of zany games and toys. Even before you get into the store you are wowed with the sights and décor outside including a marching robot knocking down dominoes at the front of the store. Once inside you are transported back to your childhood with many family favourite games, often with a twist,  reproduced in glorious mesh and textured to perfection. They not only make great home décor items but often have scripted animations that bring the added wow factor to your enjoyment of the products.

But wait! Pira doesn’t just make games and novelties either. In addition NOMAD makes beautiful furniture and gacha sets of the highest quality and often with a quirk that brings out the beauty of the products. Nothing is ever plain about a NOMAD product and their products in your home, business or sim will always stand out for the unique qualities. You may spot a few of their items adoring a room or two at The Interview (hint: who wouldn’t want to sink into a heavenly bath?)


Like MadPea, NOMAD take part in many of the quality sales events in Second Life, including 6 Republic, where, they are in fact our next door neighbour at the 6 Republic sim! Check them out while you visit the MadPea Queen’s Arms Pub.

NOMAD provided two amazing Mechanical Toys prizes for The Interview which are available to silver and gold HUD players. If you play at silver level you get one prize and gold hud players get both these amazingly detailed and animated prizes.

NOMAD - Musical Clowns - SILVER PRIZE

NOMAD - Cymbal Monkey - GOLDEN PRIZE


Teleport to MadPea’s The Interview Start and play for the prizes

Teleport to NOMAD store to delve into their cornucopia for fun

For more information how to play The Interview click here


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