Are you ready for the next ExPEAdition?

exPEAdition CTA Poster_Singularity_1024

“What’s that you say? ExPEAdition?!? What is that?”

–  I’m glad you asked! ExPEAditions are our Bi-Weekly event to keep our loyal, fun-loving Peas engaged! We will get together as a group to explore various places within SL or enjoy a few hours of Pea-styled entertainment. Keep an eye on the group notices on Thursdays and Saturdays for more information!

“Ooh!! Where are we going?!

– We are going to explore Bryn Oh’s work The Singularity of Kumiko, created with generous support from an art grant by the Canadian government. An immersive narrative about a girl lost in the dark, a world that wants her back and Mr. Zippers who doesn’t like visitors.

“Cool!! Where can I get more information??”

– You can read all about it at

“Wow!! That looks amazing!! When do we go??!”

– We are going as a group on saturday May 7th @ 2p slt!! We will be meeting HERE and heading over together!! We’ll see you there!

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