MadPea Floral Crowns at The Gacha Garden


Gacha Garden Floral Crowns Poster


The Gacha Garden opens on the 1st May and MadPea is delighted to announce the Floral Crowns set exclusively made for the The Gacha Garden event.

Consisting of 11 commons and 2 rares plus the beautifully crafted Seed of Inspiration this set will get heads turning everywhere! The Gacha Garden has a unique gameplay style. Whenever you play a creators machine 20 times the player will automatically receive the Seed of Inspiration prize which is pictured below and is ONLY available during May at the event and will never be available again.

SeedOfInspiration Floral Crowns

The set has been made for MadPea by one of our extremely talented freelance designers Roxy (sinfulsky) and are hand crafted, 100% mesh in unique and beautiful designs. The items all come with a resizer for the perfect fit!
Get ready to hit The Gacha Garden hard when it opens on the 1st May! We’ll see you there!



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