The Interview – Why YOU should go play!

The Interview Poster

The Interview is our most involved and complex – and as a result, AMAZING, game since UNIA. Those who haven’t yet experienced it DEFINITELY should! And bring your friends! But..why take my word for it? These are words straight from your fellow Pea’s fingers:


“BEST ADVENTURE EVER!!!” ~ BreAnda Wendt

“evil! so evil! very well played” ~ Haruka Mikoyan

“This was a nerve-wracking, headache-inducing, very fun hunt!! In other words, everything it should be! Perfect! Loved it!” ~ Mrs. Aly O’Keff (allisontruelove)

“What a great game! Loved solving all the puzzles, even if some nearly drove me crazy 🙂 Thank you!!!” ~ TristanC Bravin

“Excellent adventure! Thank you for being innovative, thinking outside of the box, and bringing entertainment to the grid.”~ ♥ SofiaChavez

“MadPeas…Without fail, you have created such an amazing quest. Kudos. Know that i appreciate every sound, graphic/texture, idea, concept, puzzle, script, hand holding, clues… everything!  Thank you so very much!” ~ Synnamin Latte

“I swear if anyone asks me what my zodiac sign is in the future…I may hit them with my Interview hud” ~ Jim Collinson

There you have it! The Interview is a HIT! Bring your friends, bring your brain, and bring a lot of coffee, because you’ll be here awhile!! Come check in, your interview begins soon… (Click Here for slurl to start area)

The Interview: How To Play


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  1. Captain Quicksilver Blackheart says:

    It is the best game out there. It takes a bit of thought, but when your done you would be mad just like the rest of us! (I am just a little angry not mad! I tell ya!”)


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