New MadPea Group Gift In Store Now


MadPea 12k GroupGift

To celebrate reaching the milestone of 12,000 very important peas in the MadPeas group we’ve produced a brand new group gift for all MadPeas group members to pick up at the mainstore.

Ever wondered who the Peas are out there in the community? You would be in a club or store and be right next to another Pea and be none the wiser! Problem solved with the MadPea Turbo 12000 Watch!

The Turbo 12000 Watch comes with different textures to suit your taste.. delicious colours and bacon. Yes, bacon. It’s resizable and just the perfect fit to whatever you are wearing.
The hidden feature is to find other Peas on the region you’re on, so you can gather, do the secret pea salute and if convenient, gather to plot about the world domination.
Here’s how MadPea Turbo 12000 Watch works:
* precision analog prim movement!
* time zone adjustment
* texture change options
* region-wide proximity alert to salute other MadPeas
MadPeas Group is free to join and you can collect your group gifts at our mainstore. Remember to have your MadPea tag active to collect



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