How Awesome is The Interview??

Well, we think its the best game yet, but why take our word for it?? If you haven’t played yet and are wondering what its all about or if its any fun – read the comments below from others who are playing the game now!

“Second Life might not be known for its game elements, but this game by MadPea showcases just how well a puzzle/adventure mix can be done on the platform. It’s a fantastic mix of infuriatingly difficult puzzles and pleasant brainteasers.” ~ Cinos Field

“A beautifully set up game with intriguing puzzles and nifty hidden objects. The Interview delves us into a hunt for the small and the obscure. An experience of mind bending intellect and disturbing logic. I personally found this oodles of fun and being only 2 weeks old here on SL it has been an up most joy. Even with my severe colour blindness I found myself gnashing teeth at some puzzles but then….aint that the fun of things. I will, without a doubt, be wanting to do much more of these. 9 thumbs up!” ~ Tokerific

“Dear bugs, I hate you. That is all.” ~ TwilightTemptress Moonites

“This is my 8th MadPea hunt and I can really tell they are always trying to up their game and improve the expedience (and difficultly) for us players!  Well done MP Team!” ~ Renna Fairey

“This new quest got me and didn’t let me go till i solved it. Like an obsession. Rooms rooms and rooms again… Where to go ? What to find ? How ? Just brilliant ! A great storyline, puzzles perfect for a good brainteaser and an adorable team in the group chat to help are the strong points of this game, but as i’m a bit obsessed with decoration, i’d also add the beautiful decors and the great finds of decor and furniture all along the room which add to my delight to do the game. (yeah, i said, i’m obsessed with indoor decoration :P” ~ Trinity Yazimoto

“I would, I LOVE this game, even the irritatingly hard-to-solve parts!” ~ Rhiannon Colclough

There  you have it!! The Interview is a smashing success!! Have YOU played yet? What are you waiting for?! Click the HOW TO PLAY link to get started today! See you at The Interview!


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