The Interview Writing Contest Winners!!

Writing contest

We had a number of enlightening and interesting entries to choose from, but the winning applicant has been selected! Congratulations go out to Suzanne Piers who submitted the best cover letter for the job opening with Goliathus Corporation! Your VIP pass for early access to The Interview is on its way! The top 3 applicants were as follows:

1st choice – Suzanne Piers

2nd choice – TaylaLouse Resident

3rd choice – Huntress Catteneo

Below you will find the cover letter that earned Suzanne early access! Enjoy!

Dear Goliathus Society

It is with great delight that I respectfully submit this cover letter in application for the open position as advertised. I truly believe that I would be the best candidate, as I have many and varied talents.

The ad was rather vague as to the job duties, just something about gnomes. Please know I am not at all prejudiced against little people.

I was unable to find any information about your society.  However, I discovered that a goliathus is a giant beetle! I find that a little alarming, as I would hope that my job would not involve mucking out beetle stalls, or grooming the disgusting creatures. What does beetle dung look like, anyway? I certainly hope I would not have to find out!

Since 2008, I have gone on many adventures that have given me a unique set of skills that, quite frankly are completely useless. I have searched for missing persons, rescued a jungle princess, and found the Zodiac Killer. I have gone scuba diving, time traveled, and investigated haunted carnivals, hotels, and demon-infested circuses. I’ve conducted chemistry experiments, and I have found my way out of a labyrinth. I’ve explored places made entirely out of candy, gone geocaching, and I’ve collected instruments. I’ve chased aliens, ghosts, monsters, and explored an asylum.

I believe my past experience will help you see that I am the ideal candidate for your position.

I look forward to speaking with you in an interview.

Suzanne Piers




3 Comments Add yours

  1. OMG!! I am so very excited that my submission was chosen for first place!! Thank you so very much, MadPea!! I cannot wait! Squeee!! 😀


  2. Mikolish Orion says:

    Congrats Suzanne! If you get the new position, I hope it isn’t an awkward one. 😉


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