New ExPEAdition & Mini-Hunt with a special prize…


excpeadition logo2

Mark your calendar! This Saturday, March 19, 2016 @ 2pm slt we will be exploring the amazing Suomi sim! From the introduction sim owner by Sighvatr Sturluson:

“It started as a simple homestead project, and it became much more.

We are happy to present you the ancient myths, culture, and feelings from “The Land of a Thousand Lakes”, Finland.

Enjoy the fantastic natural environment of vast forests, long waterways, and pristine wilderness.
In the main Island (where you’ve just landed), you will find creatures and artifacts that represent Finland’s culture and mythology. Start at the Sámi camp, wander inside the forest, and don’t forget to click the Shaman Drums!

Here you’ll find places to learn, camp, hangout, take pictures, and even go sledding. Grab our map, and be careful not to get lost, we have bears and wolves around!”

This sim is a homestead, so space will be limited – first come first serve! We will have 2 guided tours – @ 2 and 2:30 – please be prompt 🙂 The tour will be centered around the mythology of elves and gnomes in Finland ( see the attached note card in the group notice for more information on that…) and where they like to hide because…

After the tours, we will begin a hunt! That’s right – I said a hunt!! Its a mystery YOU must solve – with the first clue hidden on the Suomi sim – so the tour could be a great head start!

First person to solve the mystery wins…

…..wait for it….


……….almost there….


…..another few seconds of dramatic pause…

a VIP GOLD EARLY ACCESS PASS to The Interview!! Exclusive prize for all runners up as well! Don’t miss out!!


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