The Interview Writing Contest is Open!!

Writing contest

Only **20 Gold Keys** will be released for The Interview and here is another chance for you to win one!!! You’ll get early game access, a personal welcome from Queen Pea, Kiana Writer, plus MadPea himself and many of the MadPea Crew. You’ll also receive a Gold Hud, outfit and accessories and most importantly **24 hours** of **LAG FREE** access to the game first WITH personal assistance from the crew – AND bragging rights to the other Peas who weren’t so fortunate!

What do you need to do? You need to write your best cover letter detailing why *YOU* would be the best candidate for a job with the Goliathus Society! What does the job entail, you ask? Well, that’s where the creativity part comes in – we aren’t telling you any of that. Use your imagination to decide what they are hiring for, and what kind of skills, assets, and work experience might make you the ideal candidate! Then write your cover letter, describing to us how *YOU ARE* that ideal candidate that they simply *HAVE* to hire!!

Your cover letter should be no more than **250 words**, written in a notecard in SL titled *The Interview Cover Letter [insert your name]*. Please don’t use display names…avatar names only!

All entries must be submitted on a notecard and placed in the **PINK** mailbox at the MadPea Info Hub *no later than 12 noon slt on March 28th 2016*. The winner will be announced on the following day!

Only 1 entry per person. No Entries accepted after the cut off time. Your letter will be posted on our blog and may be used in any social media promotions.


We will be looking for a few things while we choose from our favorite entries:

✄ **CREATIVITY:** In all of our contests, you Peas have never disappointed us.

✄ **HUMOR:** It’s encouraged! You all have a wonderful, sick, twisted and hilarious sense of humor. Show us what you got!

✄ **TECHNICAL SKILL:** Grammar, spelling, and the like WILL be taken into consideration!

Prizes will be sent out to our top 3 applicants.

1st vict…er…choice – Interview VIP pass. Which will give you 24 hours early access to the game.

2nd candidate – 1000L MadPea gift card

3rd candidate  – 500L gift card

Good luck, applicant! We’ll see you at…The Interview!!

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