The Interview Vendors Revealed


The Interview Poster

The job description has been written, the advertisement has appeared in the Situations Vacant column and the diaries have been marked with the dates of the first assessment days. But who is providing the benefits package for this amazing role?
The Interview is the latest game from MadPea which launches on the 1st April and as with all MadPea games the rewards will be tremendous!
It’s time to reveal the amazing vendors taking part in The Interview.

intrigue_co junknewlogo512

16887533567_6a1aea6d70_o contraption icon 512 x 512 555151_590503424293143_1399754555_n05c03-7e03212a-7a2b-4ac1-ae86-e7e2265ec70b Botanical-Logo12829440944_c5f0e2f5c8_o soy logo23606511995_4168214559_o sways logohex logo22961766503_dee10dd51a_o fishy strawberryBALACLAVA_logo512cb3fd9c32c91a1b6f0d6b175e5008f88 teefy logo

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