The Interview Photo Contest is OPEN!


The interview

Only **20 Gold VIP Passes** will be released for The Interview and here is your chance to win one!!! You’ll get early access, a personal welcome from Queen Pea, Kiana Writer, plus MadPea himself and many of the MadPea Crew. You’ll also receive a Gold Hud, outfit and accessories and most importantly 24 hours of **LAG FREE** access to the game first WITH personal assistance from the crew – AND bragging rights to the other Peas who weren’t so fortunate!

**“What would you wear for your Interview” Contest**

We at MadPea would like to know, what would you wear to YOUR Interview?

Would you go formal, business casual, or knowing MadPea would you plan more for the unexpected?

Show us your best Interview themed outfit for a chance to win prizes!

*All entries must be submitted on a notecard and placed in the ***BRIGHT PINK*** mailbox at the MadPea Info Hub

Only entries submitted in this format will be accepted. You are also welcome to post your entries to our FLICKR, but that is not required and does *not* count towards entry.

*Please name your notecard [ INTERVIEW PHOTO CONTEST – (your name here) ] *

Please include on the notecard:

  1. A full permission copy of your image ( your image will not be sold, or shared outside of MadPea, But may be used/displayed for promotion on the MadPea blog, website, or notices )
  2. Your avatar name (no display names please)
  3. A few sentences explaining why you choose your outfit.

**Only one entry per avatar will be considered.**

Outside editing and photoshop is allowed, but not required.

All entries must be submitted by **March 26, 2016**, and winners will be announced on March 29th, 2016.

Prizes for our top 3 favorite outfits:

1st place – Interview VIP Pass. Which will give you 24 hours early access to the game.

2nd place – 1000L Madpea gift card

3rd place – 500L gift card


We will be looking for a few things while we choose from our favorite entries:

✄ **CREATIVITY:** In all of our contests, you Peas have never disappointed us.

✄ **HUMOR:** It’s encouraged! You all have a wonderful, sick, twisted and hilarious sense of humor. Show us what you got!

✄ **TECHNICAL SKILL:** Feel free to edit your photos and play with composition, lighting, content.

If you have any questions, send an IM or an notecard to **Kushiel Gant**. We’re always happy to help!.

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