MadPea features in SL Documentary

Madpea Logo [2-1 SL PNG 1024pixels]

Some months ago we were asked to take part in a Designing Worlds show about MadPea. Over the last few weeks we’ve given the filming crew tons of behind the scenes access and the result is a two part Designing Worlds show. Show One launched on Monday and contains an interview with Kiana Writer, the Queen Pea herself and Kess Crystal, Marketing and PR Director of MadPea Productions.

During the show Kiana and Kess talk about the history of MadPea Games, their vision for MadPea moving forward and how new developments from Linden Lab help in producing immersive gaming in Second Life.

In Show Two, which will launch in a few weeks time there’ll be more about MadPea’s work with the Firestorm Gateway Project and we’ll talk more about our next game The Interview.

You can view the first episode at Treet TV or at SLArtist


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