MadPea Hunter’s Pride – NEW @TMD


Hunters pride Promo 1

✄ The MadPea Hunter’s Pride set is made exclusively for TMD January 2016 round
✄ We have 4 stunning original mesh items for you that can be bought individually or as a set

MadPea Hunter’s Pride Trophy – Highly detailed 100% mesh hunting trophy
MadPea Hunter’s Storm Candles – 2 per set – left and right with on/off by touch operation
MadPea Hunter’s Fireplace – Beautifully animated fire, on/off controlled by owner with ambient sounds.
MadPea Hunter’s Fireplace Accessories – it was Colonel Mustard in the Parlour with a Poker! (well it is a MadPea item after all) Gorgeous collection of hearth accessories to match your perfect fireplace.

✄ All Hunter’s Pride items are 100% Original Mesh made by MadPea Productions

Hunt yours down at TMD starting today!


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