Sneak Peek at The Ghost Town & Firestorm Gateway Launch Party

The ghost town poster high res

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we were working with Jessica Lyon and her Firestorm Team on their new Community Gateway. Gateways are designed to provide new residents with an exciting, user-created environment that acts as a learning experience and helps new residents to discover the amazing capabilities of our grid and what can be achieved within it.

The Firestorm team asked us to produce a game for new residents that would first and foremost be fun and rewarding but would also help them get used to their viewer and how to interact with other residents.  We announced The Ghost Town on the 10th December and have been working hard behind the scenes to get the game up and running ready for the launch of the Gateway this Saturday 19th December.

More details will follow soon but we wanted to share a few sneak peek pictures of The Ghost Town to give you a flavour of what awaits new residents, and more established residents who want to play too!




To celebrate the launch of the Gateway and the MadPea game the team at Firestorm have put together an epic line-up of entertainment. Starting at 2pm slt on Saturday there’s fun, games, gifts, live music, extraordinary light shows and of course the first chance to play The Ghost Town. Keep an eye out too for details of the prizes and rewards for playing the game coming soon from some of SL’s top designers and creators!

FireStorm Xmas Party Poster






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