MadPea Announces Free to Play Game in Conjunction with Firestorm Viewer

The ghost town poster high res

A few weeks ago we announced that we would be working with Jessica Lyon and the Firestorm team on their Firestorm Community Gateway. As the leading game developer within the Second Life grid we were asked to provide some experience-led games for users to play to demonstrate the possibilities of Second Life.

New residents, who stay and play, in our virtual world are essential to the continued success of our grid. Whilst Linden Labs continue to work to attract new residents once they join and enter the world we will be doing our part to ensure that they realise the rich, user created content that is on offer. We hope that by playing our games new residents will learn skills that will help them over the steep SL learning curve while having some fun and collecting some prizes.

The Ghost Town game launches on the 19th December and we’re looking for 20 stores to collaborate with us by providing a themed prize for the players.
In return your brand and prizes will be promoted by both MadPea and Firestorm and you’ll be potentially promoting yourselves to your customers of the future before anyone else.

As the prizes are mainly aimed at new residents to enhance their Second Life experience, we prioritize wearable items such as clothing, skins, mesh body parts, hair, avatar accessories, pets, wearable vehicles, companions, AOs etc.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out the form here and answer each question.

Applications deadline is December 12th. We will select the vendors we feel would be a perfect collaboration for this adventure and contact them personally.

For more information about becoming a vendor, please contact Tichelle Teebrook in world. For more information about MadPea in general, or our collaboration with Firestorm please contact Kess Crystal in world, or

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