New Prize added to UNIA

UNIA_Logo For Uniforms_A2

Have you played UNIA by MadPea Games yet?

If you’re used to MadPea’s Games like Peatonville Asylum, Blood Letters, Buried etc then you might want to check out UNIA. Not because it’s similar, because it’s not. UNIA is an action packed, survival horror game. It’s hud-based, as most games are from MadPea, but points based. The more points you gain the more prizes you can collect from the prize room at the end of the game. Even once you have completed the game once through you can continue to build up your prize point bank to collect all the prizes on offer.

The prizes are amazing and we’ve just added a brilliant new prize, the UNIA Quad-Copter.

Unia Drone Promotion

There are two versions of the drone included in the pack, one with remote control play as illustrated, and one you can set to ‘patrol’ mode on your parcel and sim.

UNIA experience grungy

Visit the UNIA Starting Zone to purchase a hud and start playing!


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