MadPea’s Winter Solstice Set Has to Be Seen to Be Believed


We are so excited to launch Return of the Light at the December round of The Arcade Gacha event which opens on the 1st December. At MadPea we work extremely hard on the ‘MadPea Difference’. Whenever we start planning anything at MadPea, whether it be a game, store items or Gacha sets we ask ourselves one main question ‘What will be the MadPea difference in these items?’ When faced with the initial meetings for the December Arcade 2 months ago we decided that we wouldn’t do a traditional ‘Christmas’ or Holiday set and that we would look at other spiritual aspects of the season. The initial idea behind Return of the Light had begun and over the coming weeks was adapted and developed.


Not only does the set have the high quality, 100% mesh items that you would expect from a MadPea set but once you collect the required items and rez them then there is amazing, spiritual and awe-inspiring ‘event’ that takes place. To trigger the event an avatar must sit on the altar animation and watch as the magic of the Winter Solstice happens before your eyes.




We’re story tellers at MadPea so, of course, there is a rich back story to the items which can be read in notecard form and tells the tale of the Guardians who visit the Taika Circle every December to celebrate the darkness and the impending return of the light.



Because we know that this level of awesome has to be seen with your own eyes we have rezzed a demonstration copy of the Taika Circle and Altar at MadPea so you and your friends can celebrate and enjoy. To view visit MadPea Return of the Light Demo and enjoy the richest of experiences.


Return of the Light will be available from 1st December at The Arcade Gacha

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