MadPea Pea Recipe Contest

The holidays are upon us β€” the winter chill settling in our bones, we retreat to cozy places and atmospheres, we yearn for the warmth of the fires and scent of pines in the air. The holidays are the perfect time for comfort foods, delicious recipes and concoctions. MadPea is excited to be presenting a Pea Recipe Contest! Share your yummy Pea recipes on the MadPea Facebook page. All recipes will be judged based on the tastiness! smile emoticon There is a 5k cash prize for the best and tastiest recipe! We look forward to your entries and wish you the best of luck and hope you have your appetites ready!

| Rules for submissions | :
Post your favorite MadPea Pea recipe on the Madpea Facebook page with your in-world legacy name (not display name) so we know how to contact you. All recipes must incorporate Peas in them. Feel free to create your own or share one passed down from friends or family. MadPea Facebook:

MadPea Pea Recipe Contest

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