More Prizes from Peatonville Asylum Arrive!


The stores and creators have been super busy putting together an epic collection of rewards for players of Peatonville and here’s your second sneak peek at what’s in store for you when you complete your journey through the madness.

Roawenwood Padded Cell - Hunt Version - Silver Prize

Roawenwood Utica Crib - Hunt Version - Gold Prize

madpea peatonville asylum_meds_1024 vendor SILVER (1)

madpea peatonville asylum_cart_1024 vendor GOLD

brain in a jar 1024

abranimations asylum dance party

Noodles - Shard Necklace 1024

Noodles - Shard Crown 1024

MadPea Gold 1024

MadPea Silver 1024

Peatonville Asylum starts on the 8th October for Early Access Gold Key Holders and on the 9th October to everyone. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog, our facebook page and in world group for more updates.



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