MadPea Gets Murderous at The Mens Department


The Murder Kit Poster

Welcome to our first collection at TMD the MadPea Murder Kit. Being on SL can be bloody murder sometimes, especially during the Halloween season. What better way to frighten your friends, scare your frenemies and annihilate your haters than with the MadPea Murder Kit.
Whatever way you want to dispose of that irksome person we have the tool for the job!
Inside your Murder Kit you will find an assortment of weaponry and handy psychopathic extras:
9mm Para Pistol – animated for those who don’t like to get close and personal with their victims.
Fire Axe – animated..Off with their heads!! Chop Chop!
Chainsaw – animated with sounds – For killers who like to see the blood splatter up close.
Knife – animated – Stab your foe…maybe even in the back!
Duct Tape – Clean and Post-Murder
Rope – Clean and Post Murder
Plastic Sheeting.
MadPea Productions takes no responsibility whatsoever for any deaths which occur while using the MadPea Murder Kit.
Life Sentences may occur after use.
The Murder Kit is a full set for only L$225 and available at TMD from 5th October 2015/

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