Peatonville Asylum – Prizes Sneak Peek 1

If you’re wondering what HUD to purchase for the Peatonville Asylum adventure then maybe this first peek at the prizes and rewards from the participating stores and creators may help you to make up your mind. exile book of sparks silver

exile twisted firestarter gold

[ zerkalo ] Dropper Lamp-1024

[ zerkalo ] Wheel Chair-1024



Aphrodite Soul Stone Animated book- Golden prize

Asylum Full Face Mask - Gold Prize

Asylum Lower Face Mask - Silver Prize

Urban Light Fitting Box Art 1024

Old Time Radio Box Art 1024

Serenity Style- Steven Closet - Gold Peatonville Prize 1024

Serenity Style- Peatonville Medicine Cupboard 1024

Reckless Nerve syrup Silver prize 1024x1024

Reckless Busted Knucks Gold prize 1024x1024

Peatonville SILVER Prize meadowWorks

Peatonville GOLD Prize meadowWorks

Peatonville Asylum Silver prize@ GABRIEL

Peatonville Asylum Gold prize@ GABRIEL

I { DH } Joan's Haunted Mirror Ad

I { DH } Abandoned Lighthouse Ad



Begga _Black_ {Silver prize}

Anke _Black_ {Gold prize}

Peatonville Asylum is a hud-based grid-wide adventure game with a deep and layered storyline, puzzles, horror and intrigue. 2 amazing sims to explore and more. Details of how to play and what hud packages contain the prizes can be found on this post: Peatonville HUD packages

These are just half of the 50 prizes on offer to GOLD HUD players. More sneak peeks coming soon!

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