MadPea Celebrity Auction 2015 is OPEN!

MadPea Celebrity Auction Poster

Come and bid on well known SL residents and get great prizes and rewards!

Here’s just a few of the ‘lots’ up for grabs from some of SL’s most generous and well known Residents:


anything machinima related  – make a movie about them? 90 second profile? “What SL means to me?”


The winning bid will win a 10-Pack Set of Paradise Lost Movie Tickets (with audience avatars) for themselves and up to 10 friends, OR the opportunity for a private showing at Basilique, limited to 10 people. If they choose the latter option,  I’ll  be on hand to discuss the movie with them before and after the screening, to answer any questions they have. This package has a value of L$10,000.


We are offering an hour long Skype call and behind-the-scenes tour of The Arcade that may possibly culminate into a karaoke party.


“i offer a “”date”” in which i am happy to do anything the winner wants that is “”pg”” 🙂 it can be anything from hanging out to something in the professional realm if they want. it’s their time to have it their way 🙂
i also will give the winner one of my cats and they can pick which they want (from a selection i will put together)  some are very valuable as they are rare. (perhaps up to 200k or more)
i am looking forward to spending time with the winner or winners, and we can skype too! 🙂 “


Hanging out, dancing, shopping, taking pics


1. A photo session including two pics, one profile photo and one medium photo (down to torso) to be scheduled and processed within one week.  * does not include styling
2. Surplus motors voucher for ANY car in the showroom.
3.  2000L$ Shopping Trip at TMD
4.  Your choice of any 2 outfits from United Colors that will be hand delivered by the creator himself!


We will offer a Designing Worlds show made on the subject of your choice.


“A music video of up to 5 minutes duration, shot in Second Life on a general viewing subject of your choice (subject to LL’s photography and machinima policy) to be promoted on my blog and via my You Tube channel & social media.
This could be a video of your favourite region, a trip to an art event, your own home island / land, film of you undertaking an activity, etc., set to music (royalty free selections available), with a post on my blog showing still of the video being made, together with an article & the video presented on my YouTube channel and through social media.”



I will provide an hour or two of time doing anything you like! We can make something together in Maya, I can give you some mesh help or tips, or if you like you can help decide an item to make and have it named after you – choice is yours! I can voice (which is easier) or if you prefer to only type I can do that too.



“Last year I ended up singing at Furry Fair so I’m curious to see what you’d like to buy me for!
I’m willing to offer spending 2 hours with the winner plotting together for our brand new game coming in December and including writing their character and ideas in it. This will happen in the supersecret location that we shall not talk about here.
You will also get an early access and the Gold experience to the Holiday Game!
In fact, while we are at it, I’ll add in Gold Passes for our next SIX Adventures starting already from the next one – Peatonville Asylum in October. “
There are so many more – so watch out for more blog posts with more great lots from Jo Yardley, Jenica Penucca, Alexa and Simon Linden, Caitln Tobias and more, more and more!

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  1. Nya Moonshadow says:

    Why are you auctioning people? That’s like condoning slavery.


    1. MadPea says:

      I think you’ll find slaves didn’t have a choice. Also think you’re taking SL a little too seriously and should maybe step away from the computer for a bit.


  2. Nya Moonshadow says:

    As quoted from the U.C. Berkeley, California website (Link:

    ““Date” or “slave” auctions involve the process of bidding on a human being for the services or the ability to spend time with a certain person. This process devalues a human being to the level of merchandise and involves a comparison of the relative “value” of each person being auctioned. This process has the appearance of actual slave auctions, which are a real and tragic part of this nation’s history.”


  3. jumpmanlane says:

    I had a ball all three days! I managed to gey Alexa Linden for 50,001 L$ and MadPea reached their projected goal and I saw some old pals and made some new ones (I even sa two enemies). S0, it was excitement, and drama and fun all round! PLUS I got to help some people! Cant wait til next year

    Liked by 1 person

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