Let your Fingers Do The Talking and Win Early Access to Peatonville

Creative Writing Contest

So, you’ve completed The Collection, you’ve played with your Cursed Instruments and you’ve risked your life over and over with Zombie Chickens….but there’s still over a week left until Peatonville Asylum opens…what to do???? WHAT TO DO????

Well, you can enter our Creative Writing Contest and attempt to secure yourself one of those highly-sought after and most rare of articles…a Peatonville Asylum Gold Key.

The Golden Key poster

Only 20 Gold Keys will be released for Peatonville and here is your chance to win one!!! You’ll get early access, a personal welcome from Queen Pea, Kiana Writer, plus MadPea himself and many of the MadPea Crew. You’ll also receive a Gold Hud, outfit and accessories and most importantly hours of access to the game first and bragging rights to the other Peas who weren’t so fortunate!

What do you need to do? Remember how Grandpa left you a letter at the start of The Collection we’d like you to imagine a world where you could write a letter back to him telling him of your adventure through The Collection. Your Letter to Grandpa should be no more than 250 words, written in a notecard in SL titled A Letter to Grandpa by [insert your name]. Please don’t use display names…Grandpa won’t recognise you!

Send your completed letter to MadPea Resident by Tuesday 29th September 12noon slt. The winner will be announced on the 30th September by 12noon slt and the Gold Key Holder will gain access the very next day, 1st October, 12noon sharp!

Only 1 entry per person. No alternative prize will be offered. No Entries accepted after the cut off time. Your letter will be posted on our blog and may be used in any social media promotions. The Queen’s decision is final…or she’ll throw you in the Asylum Dungeon.

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