Get Your Freak On with MadPea this Halloween

We got all kinds of weirdness and creepiness going on at MadPea over the Halloween with the launch of the Peatonville Asylum.

We’ve also brought you 5 brand new items to add to your Halloween creations and builds or just spook your friends and families with this Halloween season.

Michael the Comedian

Michael is a bit of a comedian…or at least he thinks he is. He’ll follow you or follow random targets depending on the mode you select and kill them with humour…dark, bad, humour. He’ll split your sides like he slit his stomach. Fun times for any Halloween party or build.

Gordon the Ghoul

Gordon is a Ghoul. He’s kinda creepy…scratch that, he’s extremely creepy. Think Marilyn Manson on all fours chasing you round a room creepy…yeah you get the idea! Just like Michael, Gordon will follow random targets or you depending on the settings.


Henry is a slothful, pulsating, blob of a slug. He’s huge gaping mouth…well, at least, I think it’s a mouth but I’m not getting too close, beckons unsuspecting victims. Like Michael and Gordon he follows random targets or you…why would you have this follow you? Set it on your friends, just keep him away from me…he’s gross!

Glowing Samneric

If it’s glows and squeaks and has two heads and razor sharp teeth this Halloween it’s very likely a Glowing Samneric and if I were you I’d be afraid…very afraid!

Tarrare the Piranha

Tarrare was a lonely piranha, all he wanted was to be friends with other little fishys and humans but everytime one came near SNAP SNAP SNAP went his huge vicious teeth and suddenly there was no friends of any kind left…just red, bloody water everywhere. Tarrare senses someone close then….it’s all over! Fast!

These are the five new products from MadPea this Halloween but don’t forget to check out our mainstore for previous spooky goodies from previous games and events.

TP to MadPea Mainstore




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