The MadPea


This! This right here is what it’s all about – working with creators in other ‘realms’ of Second Life and introducing new people to MadPea and vice versa. Thank you for this fabulous post and video.

Sailbad the Sinner

My last blogpost was over a year ago on the . Well, I have been inworld since then, just not been up to much. I’ve watched some races, seen a few friends, but kept my head down and out of trouble.

Time for another post, and why not about the lovely new MadPea made by my old friend Analise Dean. She’s not old, only in her 20s, but you know what I mean…

I had seen the MadPea boat, and I really liked the look of it. The Bandit IF seems to be popular and the MadPea has the same Boss sailing engine, so I thought this would be a great addition to my little fleet. The MadPea is available as a prize in the MadPea Productions game: The Collection. Now I’m not good at games, but the only way to get it is to…

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