We Need YOU! Well-Known SL Residents!

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” Nelson Mandelaschool

You may have heard of Feed-A-Smile Charity in Second Life which is supported by a lot of well-known and high profile Second Life Residents. Feed-A-Smile is part of a larger organisation called Live and Learn in Kenya and they are currently in the process of building a school in Nakuru. The first classroom and staff office were opened in January but there is a long way to go with each classroom costing around 19,000 USD to complete. More information about the programme and the credentials can be round on the Live and Learn in Kenya Website.

Last year MadPea, with the help of high-profile Second Life Residents raised 1.1 million L$ for the Feed a Smile appeal at their SL Celebrity Auction and this year we want to help complete one of those classrooms and get those kids into education.

But we need your help

Most ‘Celebrity’ SL Residents don’t actually consider themselves celebs but if you are a well-known resident on any scaled and think other residents would place a L$ value on spending some time with you then we want and NEED you to take part in this project. Maybe you’re a photographer that could offer a portrait or a one-to-one tutorial of your work? A prolific blogger who could share your knowledge with another resident? A store owner or creator willing to give a demonstration or create a unique product. Maybe you’re a DJ or Live musician willing to give an hour show to a winning bidder. The options are endless and you get to choose what you give.

The Celebrity Auction will take place on the 25-27th September with a weekend full of live music and entertainment and will culminate with a live auction on the 27th September at a specially built area at !Exodus! Rock Club.

We’ve seen recently with The Lexi Project just how phenomenal the generosity of SL’rs can be and how we can make RL changes to people’s lives when we work together. Please nudge your favourite SL Residents to join us by asking them to complete the Celebrity SL Auction Joining Form.

We’re also looking for live singers, bands and DJ’s to take part in the weekend events. Please contact Kess Crystal in world or by email to kess@madpeagames.com for more information.

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  1. Kess Crystal says:

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    MadPea is looking for SL Residents to make a real life difference to kids in Kenya. Please read, share, reblog!


  2. Reblogged this on Cait's World and commented:
    MadPea’s Annual Auction for Charity, if you think you have something to offer (and of course you do, we all have!), read this and join the Celebrity SL Auction!
    It is for a good cause: ‘Live and Learn’ part of the Feed a Smile organisation and the proceeds go to finishing a schoolbuilding in Kenya. Well, that alone is reason enough to participate!

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  3. ℳøηї says:

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    Do you consider yourself relatively influential in Second Life? Use your connections for a good cause!

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