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Here is a little list of what we have 
going on currently and what is coming soon. 


August 14 – 30, 2015

Exclusive and original art available as Gacha from SL’s favourite designers! 
MadPea has created a funny Faces in Holes set


and due to the amount of requests, 
the UNIA dreamer statues are also available!

Art Gacha Dreamer Statues Poster B1



Collection Poster (1)

August 7 – September 30, 2015

The Collection is an interactive and immersive adventure game that will transport you to a bygone age of mystery and curses. You will become the main character in a quest that will lead you to hidden treasures that are not what they seem and the music of the night is just the beginning of the horror that awaits you.

Just as you were about to start your well deserved summer vacation, you receive a Notification of Death letter. Your distant grandfather has sadly passed away and he made YOU as his sole heir. 
As you arrive to the town of Parkchester to collect your inheritance, 
you realize that your grandfather was a man of many secrets. 
All of grandfather’s belongings will be yours, he only has one wish: 
You need to finish his Collection.

Suddenly you find yourself in the middle of an unsolved old Victorian mystery. 
Following the footsteps of a Polish maid you embark on a journey, 
completing grandfather’s Collection, that piece by piece brings you closer 
to finding out the horrific truth. 
Riches and rewards await, but the real question is: 
“Do you dare to waltz in the pale moonlight?”

Begin the adventure here

Read how to play and see the prizes:




UNIA_Logo For Uniforms_A2

Open for some time still!

UNIA is an immersive point and click action mystery game that pushes 
the limits of what is possible in the virtual world. 
UNIA is a collaborative effort between some of the top artists in the SL world, 
allowing you to experience creative puzzles, adventure and cutting-edge graphics. 
Unwrapping the riddles of UNIA will take perseverance, wits, 
and a healthy sense of adventure – players are highly encouraged to join our UNIA group, 
as this is the easiest way to gets hints, troubleshoot, and ask any questions about gameplay.

Begin the adventure here 􀀅

“We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they are inside us.”





September 1 – 30 , 2015 
More information coming soon.

 The Peatonville Asylum

October 1 – November 30, 2015

About Peatonville Asylum

Peatonville Asylum was built on an isolated island with little contact to the outside world. Top class doctors and staff were hired to treat the most severely mentally damaged patients and a special large grant was assigned to this rehabilitation programme aiming to use new technologies and methods in making the patients fit for society again.

As well as brainwashing, community circles, electric shocks and compassion treatments, the patients had very strict daily routines, compared to the monastery. They were under constant surveillance.

The programme started to show tremendous progress in a short amount of time and more money was invested and donated to assure that the Peatonville Asylum would become the best mental health facility in the country.

However, in November 1943, all 22 residents both patients and staff all vanished without a trace. 
The location is believed to be haunted. 
Peatonville Asylum was never re-opened again.. Until now!

Mysterious shards are found from asylum grounds. The researchers believe the shards belong to what were called Soulstones, special stones used by shamans to heal souls and restore eternal youth.

The Research Laboratory is offering rewards for any shards of the Soulstone.

Do you dare to enter the asylum to look for the shards and solve the mystery of the missing people?

Currently accepting vendor applications 

Watch group notices, blog and FB for more details as they are released.


We have several Group Gifts and Gachas at our stores.

 MadPea Main Store

MadPea Products on Marketplace


It is Free to join our groups and stay up-to-date with all of the Madness. 
Cut and paste the link into your local chat.


See our blog, Facebook and Flickr for further information. 
We encourage you Like and Follow us!





If you have any questions, please contact the following people:

Kess Crystal: Sales & Marketing Director 
Tichelle Teebrook: Community Manager & Customer Service

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