Will You Dare to Dance in the Pale Moonlight?

Phonograph Product Package Shot

I think most people know now that The Collection is about music, or rather a specific piece of music and the instruments that play it.  The above picture is of the MadPea prize which plays the finished piece of music an is only available to the players with the Gold Hud Package.

The music was specifically produced for the game by MadPea Creative Director, Harter Fall and I wanted to find out more about how he approached this unusual task. So, I asked him…

I started by asking him what brief he had for what to produce?

We were looking for a “darker”, “morbid” waltz for The Collection. Kiana provided me with a few examples, in which direction to go and she had the story line already written at that point.

So I had a idea of the general mood, time period and instruments to use and tried my best to make something matching. The tune became maybe a bit too happy and modern in the end though.
Where did you start? What was the process for creating the tune?

I’m far from a classical composer, so I approached it more from the pop/rock side.
First I decided roughly about the keys and chords and laid out the drum and tuba lines. The next step was to build up the other instruments one by one on top of that. After that I arranged the tune, adding the melody and instrument lines and refined them all. And last was adding effects and doing the different mixes.
Have you ever produced a piece of music like this before?

I made some classical style pieces back in college and later for a friends multimedia art exhibition.
What are the challenges you faced in the production to make this usable in Second Life?

Due to the limitations of sounds in SL, I had to make two special arrangements and mixes of the theme for the game finale and  the phonograph. Then I had to produce 13 individual solo versions for all the instruments.
What did you most enjoy about the process?

I was excited to work in a field that I haven`t been working in for quite a while.

Take note Kiana – he enjoyed it and we should totally have more original music in MadPea games with such a talented music-maker as Creative Lead!

For more information about The Collection and how to play click here

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