Listen to your ART! MadPea Art Gacha!


150714 Gacha Art Fest v2


What is Art Gacha? Well,  it’s where some of SL’s best artists offer their work through the SL craze of Gachas.

Last year, when we first thought of the idea of an Art Gacha we were told it was impossible to sell art via a Gacha Event. PFFT! We said and launched the first MadPea Art Gacha Festival. This years event is bigger and better than ever and opens at 12noon on August 14th.

Artists taking part in this extraordinarily unique event are:

Garvie Garzo
Epic Maidstone
Rhiannon Colclough
Sabra Hemingway
Bergfrau Apfelbaum
Djuna Denja
Fuschia Nightfire
Sabbian Paine
Silas Merlin / Jean-François Le Saint
Johannes1977 Resident
Ilyra chardin
Giovanna Cerise
ByrneDarkly Cazalet
Rune Draegonne
More than 1000 Words Photography and Art – Lone Wolf Mark (MarkusAllan Resident) & Tarinarose Pagan
Fae Varriale
Harter Fall

Keep an eye on the blog and notices for information about the amazing artworks on display and sale! Thank you to all the amazing artists taking party.

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    The Madpea Art Gacha event starts in 2 days!

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