There’s no Stopping the Music with White Widow and Fancy Decor

Yesterday I was able to reveal the Gold Hud Prize from Bandit and I know that the Bandit team are working hard on the silver prize to reveal soon.

I was thrilled to wake up this morning to an inbox stuffed full of new goodies from two of extremely generous Prize Vendors…Fancy Décor and White Widow.

GOLD - White Widow - Steppin' for MADPEA SILVER - White Widow - Footloose for MADPEA

White Widow is famed for it’s high quality, beautifully detailed tattoos and make up appliers. If you love music and you love tattoos (and who doesn’t) you will adore both of these prizes from White Widow. Steppin is the Gold Pass Prize and Footloose is for Silver. As a mesh body user I am always so grateful when a creator goes to the effort (and trust me it’s a huge pain in the butt) to provide every different applier they can. Whether you use a system body or a mesh body these tattoos will work for you!

FancyDecorGoldPrize FancyDecorSilverPrize

Fancy Décor have also pulled out all the stops. Both of these stores are new creators to MadPea Games and they really have done us proud. The Opera glasses come in male and female versions and just look perfect…I can think of a few places I visit regularly that this item will really complete my look. The Gold Pass Prize is the Organ which plays a few mean organ music tunes and the detailing and quality of this item has to be seen to be believed.

I’m such a huge fan of all of the stores we have taking part in The Collection that I almost don’t know where to start and I’m completely blown away by the quality and how well these items all suit the theme too!

The Collection starts on the 7th August at 12noon but don’t forget you could get 24 hours early access to the game and prizes as well as one to one support from the Queen Pea, Kiana Writer herself and all the goodies of the Gold Pass Hud Package by purchasing one of the 6 last remaining GOLDEN TICKETS from our Marketplace store.


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