MadPea Collection sets sail for the High Seas with Bandit!

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I can’t even put into words the level of excitement there is at MadPea about our next adventure The Collection. To be fair, there is plenty to be excited about…the story, the effects, the experience we’re developing is awesome and we can’t wait to share it with you.

A lot of people say to me “I don’t do MadPea Games for the Prizes…I enjoy the adventure” Well, I think some of those people may change their mind when they seen the line up of prizes The Collection has.

I was personally so pleased when Bandit applied to be part of this event. I have a second home in SL on a sailing sim and my partner was the very proud owner of a Bandit 60. I’ve spent many hours exploring and sailing on the Blake Seas and Bandit was a name that I recognised as synonymous with quality mesh, sleek, well-textured products that are responsive and provide some of the best and most authentic sailing experiences in Second Life.  Yes…I’m a Bandit fangirl!

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A week or so ago we were given a sneak-peek of the work-in-progress on the Gold Package Prize and the whole MadPea team were blown away with delight! This prize will only be available to Gold Game Package holders and is more than worth the package prize on it’s own. Anyone that knows Bandit, or maybe has a Bandit boat knows the value….and they will understand why I’m squealing with glee at every picture I get from the Bandit team.

MadPea (7 of 30) MadPea (11 of 30)

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I’ve just picked up my own personal copy of the boat and will be taking it for a spin round the Blake Passage later today. If you see me – give me a ‘Ahoy Pea!’

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