MadPea Collectors Auction Items – ending today!

Every day this week we’re ending the last few of the exclusive memorabilia auctions at the MadPea Collector’s Market.

Remember – these items COULD include a Golden Ticket for The Collection, the next game/hunt from MadPea which starts on August 7th. Your Golden Ticket gives you free early access to the game, twice the prizes and more!

lot 1

This lot closes today it’s the MadPea Vintage Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior Lockbox and closes at 12.05pm slt. This a piece of MadPea history and you will be the proud owner of this original game part from Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior game.

lot 2 The other lot closing today is this awesome prop from the Virtual Medical Doctor game. Please note this MadPea Vintage Virtual Medical Doctor Cheiron Red is a prop only and is not animated.

Remember both these items will be sold today and never available again – you will be the owner of the original and you could get a Golden Ticket too!

Check out the items by tp’g to the Collector’s Market now


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