What’s On This Weekend at the MadPea Collector’s Market


collectors fair_001


There is so much going on this weekend at the MadPea Collector’s Market and lots of ways to win and take part.  The hunt is on for Golden Tickets!!!

The lucky winners of the tickets will have free, early access to The Collection which is the next MadPea adventure starting on 7th August 2015.

collectors fair_002

There’s lots of signage pointing out the different attractions and things to enjoy and take part in and in the next few pictures we’ll show you more in detail.

collectors fair_006

It wouldn’t be a MadPea event without at least one little hunt now would it? There are 6 puzzle pieces hidden around the area  – find them and solve the puzzle and you could win a Golden Ticket! We know you love a hunt so keep your eyes peeled for Golden Puzzle Pieces!

collectors fair_004

If you don’t want to leave it to chance to get that early access Golden Ticket there is an alternative. We are auctioning 1 Golden Ticket throughout the weekend with the winner being guaranteed the personal Queen Pea touch!

collectors fair_007

Maybe you could try your luck in the Raffle for a Golden Ticket? You can enter as many times as you want and one lucky winner will bag themselves a Golden Ticket too!

collectors fair_003

Those Golden Tickets can turn up when you least expect them. Over the course of the weekend we’ll be auctioning off MadPea memorabilia from past games, hunts and adventures. These are the original items…and you can own that piece of MadPea history. In addition 5 Golden Tickets are hidden in various auction items that will be sold over the 3 days of the weekend. You won’t know until you win it…open it and find it! You have a few hours left to bid on the Weapons Collection from previous hunts. Saturday is AVATAR Day and we’ll be having a Best Avatar Contest starting at 1pm slt!

collectors fair_005

MadPea Gacha’s are always epic but we need to make a bit of room for our newest collections so we’re going to be retiring a number of our older gachas. This is the last chance for you to complete your collections with the machines displayed in the Gacha are of the Collector’s Market.

collectors fair_008

There are always giveaways, because we love our Peas! Grab your Special Edition Tees at the front of the stage. Don’t forget there is entertainment every day so come along and find – win- bid on those Golden Tickets and have a wonderful weekend browsing the stalls!



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