The Collection Vendors Revealed!

The Collection LogoThe Collection is the next epic adventure hunt from MadPea starting on August 7th 2015 and running until the end of September.

The Collection will transport you to a bygone age of mystery and curses. Where hidden treasures are not what they seem and the music of the night is just the beginning of the horror that awaits you.

We are proud and delighted to announce the line-up of Creators and Designers taking part in the game and offering prizes to our intrepid mystery solvers. Taking you across the grid, these are 12 very special stores where you will discover the secrets of The Collection.


Never Totally Dead...logo White Widow - LOGO NEWFDLOGO contraption icon 512 x 512 bandit_zps1qmj5p5h 18618247078_d30322eee6_b 555151_590503424293143_1399754555_n 11391377_992763000735873_2169430011032654039_n 12899327775_89e918eb83 16887533567_6a1aea6d70_o 18558245888_11dd433fde

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